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WW in London Gallery Day 25/26 April 2014

Friday 25 April 6-8pm & Saturday 26 April 12-8pm
WW Contemporary Art screens a selection of video works from its exhibition archive (2008-2014) alongside a presentation of works by gallery artists.
Plus: FREE ART GOODY BAG to all visitors on 25th & 26th April.

WW news update

WW is taking a break from its exhibition programme, but remains open by appointment at 34/35 Hatton Garden, London EC1N 8DX.
To make an appointment, please email or call Chiara on 07519646508.
Forthcoming events and projects will be announced on our home page.

SOLO Award 2014 call for entries open

  • Solo exhibition at the London Art Fair in January 2015
  • Prize money £1000
  • Judges: Kate Brindley (director mima), Cherry Smyth (critic, curator, writer), Lisa Milroy (painter), Sarah Monk (director London Art Fair)
  • Deadline: 31 May 2014
  • Application via email: Maximum 3 images or multimedia files/links
  • No CV, no statement, no application form required (further info will only be required if longlisted)

SOLO Award 2013 winner announced

Thank you once again to our 4 judges: Alison Wilding, Charlotte Mullins, Ceri Hand, Gill Saunders and
ongratulations to their winner LAURA FITZGERALD, whose solo show will be held at WW Gallery 8 January - 1 February 2014

Still from Hy-Brasil, by Laura Fitzgerald.

Congratulations also to the other shortlisted artists: HARRIET ASTON / DONALD HARDING / DANIELLA NORTON / CONNIE SIDES / RACHEL WILBERFORCE and to KIRSTY HARRIS, whose work 'Able' won the visitors' vote

Reviews for Broughton & Birnie | BERLIN The Forger's Tale: The Quest for Fame and Fortune

Text by Dawn Ades - coming soon

Anna McNay on Art Corpus

Paul Carey-Kent on Paul's Art World, Saatchi Online and Artlyst

Beverley Knowles on This is Tomorrow

Joe Turnbull on The Upcoming

Jerrold Singh on The Harker

North South Divine catalogue, text by Kate Brindley, director, mima

We are delighted to launch a new publication to accompany touring exhibition North South Divine, 2013 at WW Gallery, London Wednesday 3rd April – Saturday 11th May 2013 and Platform A Gallery, Middlesbrough 17th May – 20th June 2013. An introductory text by Kate Brindley, Director, mima ( contextualises the exhibition and the works of Alison Wilding, Kate Davis, Phil Illingworth, Annie O'Donnell, Deb Covell, Tony Charles, Boa Swindler and Chiara Williams.

FRIGHTENING ALBERT catalogue, text by Paul Carey-Kent

We are delighted to launch a new publication to mark the anniversary of Phil Illingworth's solo exhibition FRIGHTENING ALBERT, at WW Gallery, London Wednesday 11th April – Saturday 12th May 2012. A year on from Frightening Albert, Carey-Kent's excellent essay 'Fun with All the Family' puts Illingworth's practice into focus and coincides with the unveiling of three new works by Illingworth in WW's May - June 2013 exhibition North South Divine.

Reviews for PLURAL curated by BREESE LITTLE 6 - 23 March 2013

Joe Turnball on The Upcoming:

Rebecca Newell on thisistomorrow:

Francesca Brook's blog:

Reviews for Siobhan Barr | HELLO FRIEND 6 Feb - 2 March 2013

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Nick Hemming-Brown on The Upcoming:

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Reviews for Jay Rechsteiner | JAY GUN: The Most Dangerous Man on the Planet 6 Feb - 2 March 2013

Mike Politt on

Nick Hemming- Brown on The Upcoming:

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Clare Angela's blog:

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List of reviews & interviews about SOLO Award winner Jonathan Gabb's show SYSTEM

Art of England review, '3D paint at WW Gallery' March edition

Jessica Bunyard on Mouth London:

Jacopo Nuvolari on 1883 Magazine:

Rob Alderson on It's Nice That:

CAN Lifestyle:


Silvia Krupsinska blog:

& video interview

Anna McNay on Art Corpus:

Francesca Brooks blog:

Francesca Brooks interview on Jotta:

Reviews for ALL THE DEAD DEARS curated by Sarah Gilham & Mindy Lee 14 November - 15 December 2012

Collage Magazine review:

Review on Snipe London by Mike Pollitt:

November's Art Picks on We Are Can:

Reviews for VACANT LOTS - Susie Hamilton & Inguna Gremzde 10 October - 10 November 2012

Garageland Magazine review by Corinna Spencer

Review on Art-Corpus by Anna McNay

Video preview by Broughton & Birnie


W & W had a great time at the Liverpool Biennal and the John Moores Painting Prize, for which Jarik Jongman & Enzo Marra have both been selected this year. Their paintings, (respectively, 'Waiting Room (1) and 'Monet') are on display at the Walker Art Gallery until 6 January 2013...more info

   Enzo Marra has also been selected for exhibition in the Threadneedle Prize 2012.

WW SOLO Award: GROUP 2012 ends in 8 days!


REVIEWS for Strange Hungers


"...her first solo show with WW Gallery is embalmed in wit. And it is brilliant." read more...Beverley Knowles on Spoonfed

"This artist is incredible...Sadie has girl power by the bra load." read more...Clare Brown on Renaissance Utterances

"Laugh as we might, Hennessy hits the target of how sexual commodification gets in everywhere..." read more...Paul Carey Kent on Saatchi Online, Artlyst and Paul's Art World

"Sadie Hennessy's ‘Strange Hungers' a Freudian wonderland of sexual suggestion which joyfully pushes us towards the uncomfortably intimate..." read more...Francesca Brooks on Jotta

"the exhibition is very very good. It confronts a lot of taboos in a light-humoured way and I wish I could have stayed for longer. There's many brilliant pieces I haven't even focused on, so if you can go see it, please do." read more... Olenska

"...there is something very Chapman brothers-esque about the tone" read more...Anna McNay on an Interface

"Hennessy's prints, collages using vintage housewives magazines, sculptures that adorn mundane object with sexual innuendos are relentlessly campy and witty..." (sic) read more...Regine on We Make Money not Art

"Collage has been another technique favoured by female artists such as Barbara Kruger..." read more...Agata Gajda on The Upcoming




an_WW Gallery

WW GalleryWW Gallery

Review of Flora Parrott's Patio Project '1000th' WW Gallery

April-May 2012 Reviews, press and interviews for Phil Illingworth 'Frightening Albert'
(Click here to take a slideshow tour of the exhibition >>>)

Friday 11th May 2012

'Event of the week',
Art Licks, April 9th

‘Illingworth has taken a spanking new space and pathological terror and turned them into something witty, engaging and colourful, making this an auspicious start for WW Gallery mark two.
Kate Weir, Spoonfed

‘The two-room, L-shaped gallery, resplendent in its whiteness, could
indeed be mistaken for a lab, and it would be no great leap to imagine
oneself shut in there alone, left to play with the objects on display,
perhaps subject to video observation from afar, as part of some social

Anna McNay, roves and roams

The process led to the realisation of what I see as a personal lexicon of materials, raw ideas, and visual syntax. I gave myself 'permission' to use this vocabulary to express other concepts, and from that point on I knew that my practice had expanded enormously.
Phil Illingworth on Jotta 'In Conversation: WW Gallery and Phil Illingworth'

"‘Frightening Albert' seems to embody, aesthetically and conceptually, what WW is all about.” In an attempt to pin-down this affinity, Williams and Wilson describe the show as “both bold and subtle, audacious without being pretentious, subversive and witty, visually and viscerally engaging, and above all superbly crafted.”

WW Gallery on Jotta 'In Conversation: WW Gallery and Phil Illingworth'

oozes conceptuality
Art-e-facts Blog - Sandra Louison

"...the place was packed which made it difficult to see the work – so I shall have to make another visit – the work looks fascinating and I want to know more!"
Broughton Birnie Blog & video

‘a witty and materially rich show of new work' Lucy May

"This month you might have walked past the WW Gallery Patio Projects on the Queensdown Road without a second glance. No snowmen made from mud or wax kebabs, April’s project, Penny Sadubin’s Urban Bluebells has been masquerading as a typical patio-garden.
April certainly has been the cruellest month, but despite endless rain and mysterious hail storms, Sadubin’s bluebells have flowered.  This Sunday, 29 April, the unassuming Urban Bluebells will take on their real meaning as public art when they are donated to Hackney Downs and planted in the park..
." read more

The Award
* Solo exhibition in January 2013
* 3 month residency Oct - Dec 2012
* Prize money £1000
* Group show of longlisted artists August 2012 from which
6 artists will be shortlisted for the award

Selection Panel
* Sheila MacGregor (Chief Executive, Axis, the online resource for contemporary art )
* Helen Sumpter (Art writer and Deputy Visual Art Editor of Time Out London )
* Kate Davis (Artist & Tutor in Sculpture at the Royal College of Art)
* Deb Covell (Artist & Co-founder Platform-A Gallery, Middlesbrough)

The WW SOLO Award is a structured opportunity, created to provide support and development for contemporary artists working in any medium and at all stages in their career. WW is one of London’s leading contemporary artist-led spaces with a reputation for consistently forward-thinking and innovative projects and with sites in Clerkenwell and Hackney...more info...

Supported by RHA Design, State Magazine and Jackson's Framing.

"On the afternoon that I go to meet Hanae Utamura, the first ‘intervention’ into her WW Gallery Patio Project ‘CONSTRUCT: Fountain’ has just occurred. The wind and rain has brought her installation down; the fountain head is resting on the patio wall and fragments of plaster have scattered the pavement." Full article here

"On the horizon, one of Hackney's most innovative contemporary art galleries are also on the move to Clerkenwell, as WW Gallery bring their signature mix of glamour and edge to a 1,200 square foot ground floor space on Hatton Garden." Full article here

Themes of history, memory, re-creation and the social power of architecture are explored in the work of Kirsty Tinkler at WW's current show. The Australian artist's sculptural work is presented as part of WW Gallery's "Patio Projects" series of outdoor site-specific works. Full article here

Opening night: Thursday 16th February,18:00-21.00
Then from: Friday 17th - Wednesday 22nd February 2012

Stable States brings together six contemporary artists working across a range of disciplines and media, featuring Elaine Johnson, Yasmina Chami, Anna Haward, Mark Rose, Sadie Hennessy and Ben Gooding. Full info here

"Kirsty’s work challenges directly the old argument that ‘art doesn’t have a function’. She’s interested in chimneys which we no longer use, fake fireplaces, coving and pilasters and porticoes, which are merely ‘façade and ornamentation’. As an Australian, confronted by unfamiliar architecture, she recognises London ‘deceiving’ and ‘excluding’ its residents and visitors. Appearing older and more opulent than its reality, London’s architecture represents ‘politics’ and ‘power’..."
read the full article here

10/01/2012 Sadie Hennessy solo exhibition at Parfitt Gallery Croydon 10 January - 7 February 2012

Sadie Hennessy: Freud at Dreamland: Souvenirs of Things that Never Happened, curated by Michael Hall. More info...

The editor of State magazine profiles WW Gallery. Visiting WW during the final show inside the 30 Queensdown Road space (Liane Lang's 'House Guests'), Michaela Freeman chats to Debra & Chiara during a transitional phase in the gallery's development, as they prepare for their relocation.

More about STATE magazine...

For her participation in the group show 'Urban Nature', artist Eva Lis grew mushrooms on a broken monument made of concrete. During the private view on the 18th November, the artist fried the mushrooms with eggs and served it to the audience. Accompanying the sculpture are a series of photographs of trees and a presentation (held on 19th November) about nomadic architecture in the UK.

More information about the show...

More information about Eva Lis...

click images to view larger

Anna McNay in TimeOut: "Boa Swindler's A Secretary (After Sander)...plays with notions of gender ambiguity, gender roles, and the “high society 'sport' of gender checking”. The image, based on August Sander's famous photograph from 1931 and referencing the Weimar era Drag Queens, is seemingly equally pertinent in modern day London..."

More information about GFEST...

More information about Boa Swindler...

ALISN presented a one hour live discussion on Resonance FM on topics taken from the forthcoming Emerging Art Organisers Conference, which will take place in Goldsmiths on Thursday 24 November. Intended as a publicly available preview of the Conference, the Resonance panel will offer the views of several very different organisations on what it means to be an art organiser in today's emerging art reality. More info and pictures: click here.

Nathalie Bikoro, Benjamin Sebastian and Bean, ArtEvict and ]performance s p a c e [
Iavor Lubomirov and Jordan Dalladay-Simpson, ALISN
Matthew Stock and Keh Ng, The Modern Language Experiment
Scott Phillips, Founder, Rise Art
Ben Street and Karl England, Directors, Sluice Art Fair
Debra Wilson and Chiara Williams, Directors, WW Gallery

WW artists Boa Swindler & Sadie Hennessy at GFEST 2011, 7 - 20 November: Dreamspace Gallery, 1-3 Dufferin Street, London, EC1Y 8NA, plus work by Wendy Elia. In the film programme Liane Lang is in the Short Film Screening 2 @ Prince Charles Theatre, Wed 9 Nov @ 7.15 PM. Book NOW!

"Latvian-born Inguna Gremzde’s current practice consists of miniature landscapes painted in plastic bottle caps. The use of these brightly-coloured milk and juice tops affords the landscapes a neat conceptual container, a theoretical framework, and a self-conscious sense of unease in their hybrid status as painting, object and installation." Read more...

23/10/2011 Jarik Jongman | Exhibition at De Nederlandsche Cacaofabriek in Helmond, Netherlands | 6 Nov – 18 Dec 2011
Jarik Jongman exhibits in a group show at De Nederlandsche Cacaofabriek in Helmond, Netherlands | 6 Nov – 18 Dec 2011

Jarik Jongman exhibits in 'A Wake: Still Lives and Moving Images' a group show at M o m e n t u m / Berlin
30 Oct – 20 Nov 2011, Kunstquartier Bethanien 134
Mariannenplatz 2, Kreuzberg, 10997 Berlin

Anna McNay's gives an in-depth review of Liane Lang's House Guests at WW Gallery, 6-22nd October 2011

12/10/11 POW! | WW @ Crunch 2011 The Art & Philosphy Festival at Hay 18 - 20 Nov
POW! "Like a smack in the face with a wet kipper; high-impact work from WW Gallery" @CrunchFestival 18th - 20th Nov.

Participating artists are: Jarik Jongman, Sadie Hennessy, Eva Lis, Enzo Marra, Ayuko Sugiura, Boa Swindler, Chiara Williams, Siobhan Barr.

Image: 'Violation' by Sadie Hennessy, ltd ed print and one of a series of 6 placemats.

11/10/2011 Ayuko Sugiura | Installation with L'Amant Dining at GALERIE8 | 12 – 15 October 2011 7.30pm Daily
For Frieze week, two passionate chefs largely known for their banh mi baguettes are about to launch their concept L'Amant Dining at GALERIE8 and have commissioned an installation by WW Gallery's Ayuko Sugiura to create an immersive multi-sensory experience.

06/10/2011 Sadie Hennessy Gfest Interview | Exhibits in Gfest 7 - 19 Nov 2011
Sadie Hennessy's 'fevered brain and ice-cold heart' makes a great quick read, look out for her next month in GFest and in 'Strange Hungers' the inaugural show at WW's new space, dates tbc!

Sadie Hennessy is selected to showcase her work ‘Bunny Boys #3′ at GFEST 2011 visual arts exhibition at Dreamspace Gallery , 1-3 Dufferin Street, London, EC1Y 8NA 7 Nov - 19 Nov, 9 - 5:30pm, (Sat: 10am to 5pm (Sunday Closed)

30/09/2011 OCTOBER’S MULTITUDE OF OPTIONS by Paul Carey-Kent | Preview of Liane Lang's House Guests
"Rudyard Kipling is a rare bird in contemporary art, and I tend to think of him as strongly English and colonial - so it comes as a jolt to be reminded that from 1892-96 he lived in Vermont. Liane Lang’s mixture of film and installation will enable us to enter the atmosphere of Naulakha, Kipling’s isolated house in the Connecticut River Valley, and to consider Kipling in light of the shifting historical boundaries of what constitute racism, imperialism and condescension. And this is showing in an appropriately Victorian house. My own engagement may be enhanced by the face from which Lang cast her Kipling – mine!"

HobART | Venice Biennale: Best of 2011

Afternoon Tea at the Quaffers Pavilion

"Run by London-based WW Gallery. After viewing the drawing exhibition in this pop-up gallery, I'm invited upstairs to a traditional British afternoon tea. What's not to like?"

Clashing with the London riots when unveiled on Monday 8th August, Mudman had a close call as we reported in our August newsletter and the poignancy of Mudman's message received press coverage in The New York Observer, in FAD, in ArtLyst, and (rather sensationally given the image chosen for the article) in Art Daily. For more information on Patio Projects or to submit a proposal click here.

Axis interview with Debra Wilson & Chiara Williams from WW Gallery.

"Debra Wilson and Chiara Williams, Directors of WW Gallery, talk to us about their unusual project space located in a Victorian terraced house in Hackney, East London."

Features work from the MacGuffin by Wendy Elia & Marguerite Horner, as well as examples of work from previous shows by Flora Parrott, Liane Lang, Eva Lis, Holly Slingsby and Jessica Herrington and pictures of Afternoon Tea at the 54th Venice Biennale.

Click to view interview

Lucy May presented her first live work, Hospitality, 6-9pm on Thursday 7th July at WW Gallery (for TimeOut First Thursday)

Click here to view pictures of the event.

A live video link from the artist's studio conveyed the manufacture of fake Bombay Mix, exploring themes of the handmade, repetitive labour and fakery. The work is an irreverent take on the idea of DIY hospitality, and a rebellious statement against the current abhorrence of the artist's hand in contemporary practice.

More information:

27/06/2011 press for The MacGuffin | Wendy Elia & Marguerite Horner | 1 - 17 July 2011
"All but the last of my choices this month are in galleries of which one can imagine the casual passer-by remaining unaware, even if they walk right by. Carlson and Sprovieri are hidden up on the second floors either side of Heddon Street. Nor do Ritter / Zamet, Simon Oldfield, Laurent Delaye or The Approach have any street level presence. WW is in the gallerists’ house in Hackney. The Skylon is primarily a restaurant. How come, then, we start with Hauser & Wirth?...WW Gallery presents a neatly-themed show: paintings seen as film stills by playing off the Hitchcockian notion of ‘The MacGuffin’ – the incidental device which triggers the suspense. Marguerite Horner’s rather beautifully mysterious modulations, in a key of grey with occasional startles of colour, often filter their air of the ominous through the MacGuffin of trees and power lines. Wendy Elia half-counters a wider range of MacGuffins - from shoes to ships to patchings of tape - through a more upbeat use of colour."


" far the most enjoyable part of the 54th Venice Biennale involved having a cup of tea with the directors of WW Gallery...taking over a beautiful apartment in Campo San Polo...Chiara Williams and Debra Wilson are showing a careful selection of small-scale works on paper, while upstairs they serve tea and quite delightful home-made cupcakes to a small group of guests." (Tom Jeffreys on FAD)

"During the vernissage, while the art world continued sipping Prosecco, Flint took time to have afternoon tea with the directors of Hackney based WW Gallery who are displaying their artists on paper accompanied by cupcakes and earl grey in Campo San Polo.  An inventive show from two new and inspiring London curators, Debra Wilson and Chiara Williams." (Marta Crunelli on Flint PR)

"a slice of heaven - a moment of indulgent rest amongst the frenetic pace of the Biennale opening week. And unusually for the Biennale, the work could be fully appreciated after viewing as you took a nice half hour to sit back and be served a slice of Britain in the middle of Venice." (Alicia Miller on Axis)

June 2011 press coverage for Sadie Hennessy | Hutstock | 4 - 5 June 2011

Whitstable's Premier Beach Hut Music Festival
at the South Bank Centre, London.

Sadie Hennessy brings you Hutstock from the Thames Estuary, Whitstable's premier hut-based music festival, bringing its eclectic style to the Festival of Britain celebrations. Queen's Walk is animated from tea-time on the Friday until tea-time on the Sunday with a celebration of beach hut culture.

FREE Saturday 4 June 2011, 10:00am - Sunday 5 June 2011, 18:00pm



09/04/2011 press coverage for Sadie Hennessy who exhibits in 'The Nature of Change: Hybridity and Mutation’ at The Old Truman Brewery, 4 Wilkes Steet, E1 6QL until 17 April 2011, for more information visit
The Week:
"Sadie Hennessy's Hairbrush recalls Meret Oppenheim's famous fur cup and saucer"
The Independent:
"The most charming feature of the exhibition is Sadie Hennessy’s ‘Shoal’ – a collection of bits of used soap of varying colours, sizes and shapes, which carefully laid side by side on a silver trolley resemble pebbles on a beach or tropical fish. The curator tells me that the artist spent a long time collecting bits of used soap from friends and family (some of whom were reluctant to pass on such an intimate item), having found that replicating the crusty, cracked form bits of squished soap take over time is impossible to fake."



09/03/2011 Jarik Jongman in Charity Art Auction at Bonhams for Paintings in Hospitals
WW is delighted that Jarik Jongman's beautiful prize-winning painting Phenomena #5 has just sold at Bonhams for £7000, raising loads for the fantastic charity Paintings in Hospitals! The auction, held at Bonhams on Tuesday 8th March, raised over £42,000. The Paintings in Hospitals collection includes over 4000 works by a number of important artists and is the only national organisation of its type, providing visual arts services to more than 230 healthcare facilities.

01/03/2011 Preview of upcoming shows by Paul Carey-Kent:
"WW Gallery’s ‘art supermarket’ made a good impression at the London Art Fair, and the positive vibe should continue in March. Australian artist Jessica Herrington’s ‘Cave’ of crystalline growth conjured from ephemera will be something of a woman-made rapid-result antipode to Roger Hiorns’ room-filling copper sulphate growth ‘Seizure’ (2009-10). It’s followed by Spanish photographer Gustavo Murillo’s series using a macro lens to magnify parts of television pictures, reducing them to op/pop/ phosphor dot abstractions which stand as ciphers of the underlying image while reflecting gallery-goers as if the screen were turned off."


click to enlarge invitation
download press release
view online auction catalogue

Tuesday 8 March 2011
6.30pm – 8.00pm
Viewing opens Sunday 6 March 2011
Bonhams, 101 New Bond Street, London, W1S 1SR

Jarik Jongman in Charity Art Auction at Bonhams for Paintings in Hospitals

Tuesday 8 March 2011, 6.30pm – 8.00pm

Norman Ackroyd, Maurice Cockrill, Eileen Cooper, Ian Davenport, Antony Frost
Patrick Hughes, Albert Irvin, Jarik Jongman, Gerry Judah, Anita Klein, Lisa Milroy
Julian Opie, Ana Maria Pacheco, Bridget Riley, Joe Tilson, Jonathan Trayte
Anthony Whishaw

This year’s auction contains a refreshingly diverse, yet consistently high quality, breadth of styles, suitable for a broad range of tastes and budgets. Stand out pieces include:

• A beautiful Ian Davenport acrylic on paper striped study in lilac.
• A ‘Places of Change’ screen-print by Bridget Riley, who is currently celebrated in an exhibition at
the National Gallery.
• Jonathan Trayte’s luscious contemporary painted bronze sculpture, by one of 2010’s most
heralded graduates from the Royal Academy Schools.
• Jarik Jongmans contribution: the contemporary painting Phenomena #5 was selected for the
Threadneedle Prize 2010 and won First Prize at the National Open Art Competition 2010.
• A strikingly beautiful painting by Gerry Judah, who has received widespread acclaim for his
recent work at the Imperial War Museum North in Manchester.

19-23/01/2011 "The London Art Fair in Islington was in top form this year, with a good selection of emerging galleries and Artists in 'Art Projects'. The section featured 30 international solo and group exhibitions. My personal favourite was WW Gallery's 'Supermarket Sweep' an installation of a superstore for Contemporary Art." (Paul Carter Robinson, Artlyst)
Curated Mag
Amelia's Magazine
Spoonfed preview
Art Daily

08/12/2010 Reviews of Austerity Xmas BOGOF in Hackney Citizen, Matcbox Magazine and Spoonfed
ww_hackneycitizen ww_matchbox ww_spoonfed

Browse in the WW Shop, buy online and receive prints, t-shirts and more, to your door, in time for Christmas!

wwgallery shop

25/10/2010 Jarik Jongman wins Joint 1st Prize For Best Artist in Show at The National Open Art Competition 2010. Jarik was selected from a record number of entries this year. His painting Phenomena 5 has an ethereal quality, which the selectors found compelling. The panel of judges was headed up by Gavin Turk. The exhibition at The Minerva Theatre, Chichester Festival Theatre runs from October 30th – November press release...

04/10/2010 Interview with "accomplished artist" Enzo Marra who exhibits his work in GFEST next month (and see more of his work here)


01/10/2010 Patrick Lyons performed at WW Gallery during the opening of Jarik Jongman's solo show 'Hello, Goodbye' on Fri 1st October and then plugged it on his weekly Resonance FM show. Catch him every Friday night at 10pm on Resonance 104.4fm


29/09/2010 Spoonfed interview with Jarik Jongman


27/09/2010 Spoonfed Editor's Choice 'he's quite brilliant' - Jarik Jongman's solo 'Hello, Goodbye' at WW Gallery, opens Fri 1st Oct.

Jarik Jongman in 5 concurrent group & solo exhibitions in London, Berlin and the Netherlands.
15/09/2010 - Threadneedle prize WW artists in Amelia's Magazine by Valerie Pezeron:
"Enzo Marra’s John Singer Sargent - it’s got thick paint and tonal Sargent palette...Special mention to Wendy Elia’s Elsewhere, Jarik Jongman’s piece or the Anna Adamkiewicz cabinet."


15/09/2010 Spoonfed preview of Jarik Jongman's 'hotly anticipated' solo at WW Gallery, which opens Fri 1st Oct.


23/09/2010 - Eva Lis / Tunnel Vision in the Hackney Gazette
'Anger as short-sighted vandals ruin Hackney Downs' first public artwork'


16/09/2010 - Eva Lis / Tunnel Vision in the Hackney Gazette
'Homeless workers help to create first ever art installation on Hackney Downs'


10/09/2010 - Eva Lis / Tunnel Vision in The Hackney Citizen, 'Migrant workers build Hackney Downs Tunnel'

10/09/2010 - Eva Lis / Tunnel Vision in The Hackneyist

06/09/2010 - Eva Lis / Tunnel Vision in Top 5 events, Hackney Today

Chantal Powell - who exhibited with WW in our Venice Biennale show 'Travelling Light' (2009) and more recently in 'Time' (2010) - is on the cover of this month's a-n Magazine with her work 'Siren'.an

Jarik Jongman in The Independent, ahead of Threadneedle Prize exhibition opening on Thurs 2nd September and solo show at WW on 1st October.


Threadneedle update: congratulations Caroline Walker on being shortlisted for the big prize of £25,000!


Congratulations to the 5 Threadneedle Prize exhibiting artists: Jarik Jongman, Enzo Marra, Caroline Walker, Marguerite Horner and Valerie Jolly, all of whom have shown with WW Gallery.


WW's TIME in First Thursdays Guided Bus Tours July 1, 7–9pm

WW is offering curatorship and arts management advice in one-to-one sessions as part of Futurising on Tuesday 29th June 2010. Led by LCC on behalf of University of the Arts London and financed by HEFCE, Futurising is a one-stop shop of opportunities, advice and information for all future and current creative graduates from all universities across the UK and will take place at the Nicholls & Clarke Building, Shoreditch High Street, London on 29th-30th June 2010.

WW Gallery is pleased to announce that one of our exhibited artists, Phil Illingworth, has been shortlisted for the John Moores Contemporary Painting Prize 2010 and his work will be exhibited 18 September 2010 - 3 January 2011 at the Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool. See his work in WW Gallery's current show
Time along with Threadneedle-selected Jarik Jongman & Caroline Walker (see below).

WW Gallery is pleased to announce that 2 of our represented artists and 3 exhibited artists have had their work selected for exhibition in the Threadneedle Prize 2010. Congratulations to Jarik Jongman, Enzo Marra, Caroline Walker, Marguerite Horner and Valerie Jolly, whose work will be exhibited at the Mall Galleries, London, 2 - 18 September 2010. Additionally, Jarik Jongman and Caroline Walker both have beautiful paintings in our current exhibition Time, open 12-6 Sat & Sun until 4 July. If you wish to view the exhibition outside our opening hours, please contact us on 07531342128 to arrange an appointment. Jarik's first UK solo show will open at WW Gallery on Friday 1st October and Caroline will be having solo shows at Marlborough Fine Art, London and Ivan Gallery, Bucharest in August and September.

TIME in The Mirror's The Ticket "there is an exhilaratingly deep range to take in"

Time on ArtDaily

THIS WEEK - First Thursday Performance of Momoko Suzuki's ‘Untitled Drawing Project, portrait series, Night'
Artist Momoko Suzuki continues her impressive time-based performance and drawing installation on the walls of WW Gallery between 6-9pm, Thursday 3rd June

guardian Ingrid Berthon-Moine, whose series 'Red is the Colour' features in TIME, first gained exposure for one of the portraits in a Guardian article 'It's in the blood' and drew 160 comments! Ingrid was also in our Venice Biennale 'Travelling Light' exhibition with her controversial video 'Midriff - version 1'.

TIME on axis

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Drink & Dial
The Times Playlist, Saturday 3rd April 2010
ww gallery
ww gallery
Hackney Gazette, Thursday 25th March 2010
ww gallery
Hackney Citizen, Weds 24 March 2010
ww gallery

We Love 77 reviews

BBC London - The Guide - things to do in Londonww gallery
The Guardian Guide
ww gallery
ww gallery
ww gallery
Dazed Digital (Dazed & Confused Online) ww gallery click to see full article

Helen McCookerybook Blog Review

ww gallery

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ww gallery click to go to site

ww gallery click to go to site

ww gallery We Love 77 - coming soon!

ww gallery

Drink & Dial Call for Submissions!
Deadline fast approaching: 31 January 2010,
but it's not too late to take part...

If you've missed our previous bulletins and are thinking, what's Drink & Dial? is the title of our forthcoming 6 week exhibition, which runs 26 March - 6 May.

Drink & Dial is the universal tendency of making regrettable phone calls while intoxicated. Artists are invited to respond to the concept in any way they choose, all media considered, all artists eligible.

Full details are on the Drink & Dial page, much of it recently updated, so take a look!

m3Jarik Jongman Sanctuary - Heilige Orte 18-20 Dec 09 at Kunsthalle m3 Berlin

Drink & Dial on John Jones Art Huddle..."Here, curators Debra Wilson and Chiara Williams tell us about how the idea came about and what they are looking for from artists."

Get your copy of Transition Gallery's Garageland 9: Migration (winter 2009/10) with profile of WW.

Leo Schulz on Both Ends Burning, Hoxton Live, November 27th, 2009

Christmas cards by Boa Swindler...

ww gallery
WW Van Hire more info...

Art & Architecture Journal October 2009

Spoonfed - Ghost at UCL - Halloween Special, Tom Jeffreys, October 23 2009

Evening Standard - All the fun without the fair, by Ben Lewis, Thursday 15 October 2009

guardian The Guardian - It's in the blood (featuring Venice Biennale/Travelling Light's Ingrid Berthon-Moine), by Kira Cochrane, Friday 2 October 2009

First Thursdays Top 5 Exhibition for WW first anniversary 'Is There Anybody There?', October 09

hackney citizen
All the fun of the fair, by the Hackney Citizen, Jul 3rd, 2009

rocked Summer Exhibitionists, their LP & EP is available at WW until 26 July...

On the strength of 'Travelling Light' at this year's Venice Biennale, WW joined a very distinguished panel of some of the biggest international curators and professors to discuss and debate collateral events at the Biennale. The conference was held on 5th October at the IUAV university in Venice. More details will be published soon...

WW at the Venice Biennale Travelling Light London>Venice Biennale15/05/09 - 10/06/09

hackney citizen All the fun of the fair, by the Hackney Citizen • Jul 3rd, 2009

FAD FAD* Art Fast News - WW Gallery Summer Exhibitionists, Friday, July 3rd, 2009

art monthly art monthlyArt Monthly - News: Artnotes, p. 21, June 2009, issue no. 327
independent Independent on Saturday & Independent on Sunday
- Simon Calder in the Traveller, Sat 16 May

FAD FAD* Art Fast News - First Post From Venice Biennale by Robert White, Wednesday, June 10th, 2009

londonfile London File - Taking Flight, by Camilla Canocchi, Tuesday 2nd June, 2009
exibartExibart - Travelling Light: London/Venice Biennale, May/June 2009
art radar

inscriptiones Domenico Olivero: Notizie dalla Biennale di Venezia, June 10, 2009

agora BBBiennale di Venezia, Francesco Bonazzi, Saturday 30 May 2009

notion Notion Magazine - Vulture About Town issue 39

hackney citizen Hackney Citizen - Hackney to Venice, Travelling Light, by Anna Davies, 10 May 09

artupdate map Download Venice Biennale Map featuring Travelling Light
this is londonThis is London Magazine, Events, 8 May 09
artsbigpicture Art's Big Picture TRAVELLING LIGHT London>Venice Biennale, Lorna Johnston, 2009/6/10
dutch embassy The Netherlands Embassy Official UK site - Calendar: Exposition Traveling Light with Jarik Jongman

Blogs and comments (for full list see related info)

hackney citizen
ww gallery
Das Heimliche und das Unheimliche
Hackney Citizen, Spring 09 online article or pdf

ww gallery Meet the parents
Hackney Gazette, 26.02.09

Londonist Art Review Londonist, 12.03.09

Swarovski crystal winners announced...

ww gallery In the Mink Hackney Gazette, 29.01.09

Boa Swindler's Christmas Cards in V&A collection

Where Thy Dark Eye Glances
Art Review, 02.12.08

First Thursdays Top 5
for WW Launch Show 'I Had Too Much to Dream Last Night' Sep 08

hackney citizen
ww gallery
Dark art on the Downs
Hackney Citizen, Autumn 08 (online article or printed article pdf)

I Had Too Much to Dream Last Night Art Review, 22.09.08

I Had Too Much to Dream Last Night Saatchi Online, 22.09.08

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The Italian Cultural Institute London

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