We Love 77
a solo show by Sardine & Tobleroni

20 Feb - 21 Mar 2010
open daily 12-6pm
at WW Gallery pop-up venue
The Merchant's Hall, 46 Essex Road, N1

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We Love 77 is an exhibition featuring 77 paintings of the most iconic Punk and Rock bands. The title of the exhibition is associated with 1977 - for many the definitive year of Punk - but also features influential bands from before and after this date.

The Paintings
If you are interested in purchasing paintings (100x76cm) or limited edition prints from the We Love 77 series, please contact us on 07531342128 or email wwgallery@gmail.com

01We Love 77 02We Love 77 03We Love 77 04We Love 77 05We Love 77
 The Sonics The Seeds Velvet Underground MC5 New York Dolls
06We Love 77 07We Love 77 08We Love 77 09We Love 77 10We Love 77
The Stooges The Modern Lovers Patti Smith Radio Birdman Ramones
11We Love 77 12We Love 77 13We Love 77 14We Love 77 15We Love 77
Television Suicide The Cramps Birthday Party Richard Hell & the Voidoids
16We Love 77 17We Love 77 18We Love 77 19We Love 77 20We Love 77
The Damned Eddie and the Hotrods The Stranglers Devo The Sex Pistols
22We Love 77 23We Love 77 24We Love 77 25We Love 77
The Clash Blondie The Dead Boys The Saints Buzzcocks
26We Love 77 27We Love 77 28We Love 77 29We Love 77 30We Love 77
Johnny Thunders & the Heartbreakers The Electric Chairs Generation X The Germs Siouxsie & the Banshees
31We Love 77 32We Love 77 33We Love 77 34We Love 77 35We Love 77
The Undertones The Slits Wire Vic Godard & Subway Sect The Ruts
36We Love 77 37We Love 77 38We Love 77 39We Love 77 40We Love 77
The Raincoats Pere Ubu The Nipple Erectors The Jam X-ray Spex
41We Love 77 42We Love 77 43We Love 77 44We Love 77 45We Love 77
Slaughter & the Dogs Stiff Little Fingers Wreckless Eric The Only Ones X
46We Love 77 47We Love 77 48We Love 77 49We Love 77 50We Love 77
The Boys The Vibrators Sham 69 999 The Weirdos
51We Love 77 52We Love 77 53We Love 77 54We Love 77 55We Love 77
The Pop Group Joy Division Television Personalities Gang of Four Crass
56We Love 77 57We Love 77 58We Love 77 59We Love 77 60We Love 77
The Fall The Lurkers The Adverts PIL Alternative TV
61We Love 77 62We Love 77 63We Love 77 64We Love 77 65We Love 77
Dead Kennedys James White & the Contortions John Cooper Clark Bad Brains Black Flag
66We Love 77 67We Love 77 68We Love 77 69We Love 77 70We Love 77
Liliput Kleenex Misfits The Descendents Minor Threat Hüsker Dü
71We Love 77 72We Love 77 73We Love 77 74We Love 77 75We Love 77
Sonic Youth Fugazi Nirvana Rancid The Parkinsons
76We Love 77 77We Love 77
The Libertines The Black Lips
77 Shop  
We Love 77

We Love 77 Book
£20 + p&p

Full colour bound landscape paperback 7x9". Reproductions of 77 paintings, curators' introduction & acknowledgements

(all proofs signed by Poly Styrene and Sardine & Tobleroni are sold out)
We Love 77 T-shirt (free size)
£10 + p&p

We Love 77 Full Colour Poster
(A2 size) £20 + p&p


Launch photos
Curators' Introduction
by Debra Wilson & Chiara Williams

Art duo Sardine & Tobleroni first came to our attention in January 2009, when they cloned our website and added themselves as WW represented artists, complete with a biography and images of their works. Impressed by the effort involved, but most of all by the gall of this cheeky gesture, we decided to visit them in their Hackney studio.

Blown away by the sheer volume and energy of their work, it was love at first sight. We sensed that they were kindred spirits and instinctively understood their practice, which they described to us as Conceptual Art Brut . It was also at this first meeting that we were witness to the beginnings of the mammoth series We Love 77. We snapped them up immediately.

The processes and techniques of their Conceptual Art Brut are a visual equivalent of punk music; Sardine & Tobleroni's approach subverts both the tradition and the romance of ‘paint on canvas'. Rather than focusing on the ideology and values of figurative representation or theory, Sardine & Tobleroni's seemingly ‘unskilled' style underlies a deliberate and intelligent desire to re-establish the bridge between high and low art.

The duo divides the canvas surface into two halves, of which the right-hand side is painted by Sardine and the left-hand side by Tobleroni. Their work is a hybrid of naïvety, humour, purity and the intuitive and can be read as an aesthetic stance as well as a revolt that embodies a new art, one that overturns prevailing tastes.

With work self-consciously rooted in Dada, the duo has disregarded the traditional values of high art in favour of creative anarchy. It reflects the atmosphere of the punk era, with a visual language that aspires to a new order, whilst remaining reticent on the subject of its existence. The artists work within a low budget, choosing readily available materials and sources for their colour, form and structure. The element of chance is also treated as a creative process and any mistakes become part of the work.

The two artists first met on a course at Hackney Community college, during which they found themselves sitting next to each other. This chance meeting and the circumstance of Tobleroni sitting on the left and Sardine on the right is responsible for the formal composition of their work. Theirs is an attempt to free themselves of the values of tradition - whilst recognising their place in it - they laugh in its face.

A decidedly unique pairing, Sardine & Tobleroni (now London-based but of Portuguese/Swiss origins) have been working together since 2006. Tobleroni was born in Switzerland in 1971. He studied art in Japan and Basel and exhibited internationally as Jay Rechsteiner until 2006. He is an accomplished painter in his own right, as well as a technical and multimedia whiz. Sardine was born in Portugal in 1972 and is involved in the music industry, having toured internationally as Victor ‘Torpedo' Silveira, with his bands 77, Tedio Boys, Blood Safari and, of course, the infamous Parkinsons, featured in the We Love 77 series.

In 2008 the pair had a major solo exhibition in Lisbon called Espelho Meu (My Mirror), a series of paintings of Portuguese rock & punk bands. Following the phenomenal success of this exhibition, they decided to start painting every punk band in existence. The idea was later refined when they chose to take Mojo magazine's 77 Punk Smashers (2005) as their starting point. The resulting series We Love 77, is the culmination of over a year's work and is presented by WW Gallery as the artists' first major UK solo show.

For many, 1977 was the definitive year of Punk and this exhibition is a cultural commentary as well as a celebration, giving historical context through painting, film and music. Sardine & Tobleroni honour the music avant-gardists who laid the foundation of new thinking, invention and liberation. Whether in their paintings, films or installations, Sardine & Tobleroni's work transcribes and embodies the creative approach and spirit of DIY favoured by the punks.

The emergence of youth subcultures has been one of the most controversial aspects of life in post-war Britain. The press and public have condemned these groups as almost demonic. In a time of rapid and radical social change, the fresh ideas that came about during the punk era are as stimulating and relevant today as they were at the time.

This exhibition of 77 paintings chronicles the evolution of punk rock and is a monumental tribute by the artists to one of the most exciting eras in the history of popular culture.

Press Release

WW Gallery presents We Love 77, an exhibition of 77 paintings by artist duo Sardine & Tobleroni, chronicling the evolution of punk rock, with special appearances from the legendary Don Letts and punk rock icon Poly Styrene of X-ray Spex, plus screenings of major punk documentaries, surprise gigs and many of the featured musicians in attendance at the London launch.

This is the first major UK solo exhibition for Sardine & Tobleroni, who describe their practice as ‘Conceptual Art Brut'. Sardine & Tobleroni were inspired to embark on their series in 2005 when Mojo ran a special Punk Issue called 77 Punk Smashers. The paintings include The Clash, X-ray Spex, Sex Pistols, Ramones, Buzzocks, MC5, The Stooges, Patti Smith, New York Dolls, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Sham 69, The Damned, Joy Division and Black Flag, to name a few.

For many 1977 was the definitive year of Punk, but this exhibition also features influential bands from the early American precursors like the Stooges, to contemporary bands like the Libertines. The result is the first art exhibition of its kind and a monumental tribute by the artists to one of the most exciting eras in the history of popular culture.

To launch the exhibition, British film director and musician Don Letts - original house DJ at the Roxy, where the first Punks congregated - will play a set, and Poly Styrene, often described as the voice of 77, will be introducing her film X-ray Spex Live at the Roundhouse 2008. To give further context to the paintings, there will be a series of documentary screenings, including The History of the Clash, Don Letts' PUNK: attitude, Zillah Minx's She's a Punk Rocker UK and much more.

For further information, please contact Chiara Williams or Debra Wilson at wwgallery@gmail.com or 07531342128 or visit http://www.wilsonwilliamsgallery.com

Diary of events

Launch Fri 19 Feb 5-10pm
5-6.30pm Press/Collectors Preview
6.30-7pm Curators Debra Wilson & Chiara Williams introduce the show and artists Sardine & Tobleroni
7-8pm DJ set with legendary musician and film director Don Letts
8-9pm Punk rock icon Poly Styrene of X-ray Spex introduces her film X-ray Spex Live at the Roundhouse London 2008

Film Screenings
Sat 20 Feb 2pm PUNK: attitude a film by Don Letts (Part 1) (courtesy of Fremantlemedia Ltd)
Sun 21 Feb 2pm The History of the Clash (courtesy of Eagle Rock Entertainment Ltd)
Sat 27 Feb 2pm PUNK: attitude a film by Don Letts (Part 2) (courtesy of Fremantlemedia Ltd)
Sun 28 Feb 2pm X-ray Spex live at the Roundhouse London 2008 (courtesy of Future Noise Music Ltd)

Time OutFirst Thursdays 4 March 6-9pm
6.45pm Screening of Zillah Minx's She's A Punk Rocker UK
7.30pm Q&A with director Zillah Minx, lead singer of 70s punk band Rubella Ballet
8.00pm Ginette Baker Q&A and reading from her new book It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time: Memoirs of a Rock Star's Daughter 1974 – 1987

Closing Party Saturday 20 March 5-10pm - £3 on the door
Final celebration with music and surprise guests
Shock & Soul We Love 77 Fashion Show
One-off 1977-inspired designs by Happy Harriet & Oops. Vintage pieces by Shock & Soul. Styled & directed by Natalie Farouz.
Auction of We Love 77 collectables & fashion
Draw for the We Love 77 MC jacket (tickets on sale throughout the show)

Last chance to see the show Sunday 21 March 12-6pm

How to find us
We Love 77 is in a pop-up venue and not at WW Gallery's permanent location. Click on the address below for a map.
The Merchant's Hall, 46 Essex Road, London N1 8LN
(entrance on Packington Street)

WIN this vintage 1977 MC Jacket, customised & signed by Sardine & Tobleroni
£2 tickets on sale from 5pm 19 Feb
The winner - Lynne Blackburn - was drawn at the closing party Saturday 20th March 5-10pm, here are 2 pics of her wearing the jacket with Sardine & Tobleroni and with Chiara Williams


Entrance on Packington Street                                                                           Merchant's Hall on junction of Essex Road and Packington Street next to The Old Queen's Head Pub

Zillah MinxJulie Burchill on Zillah

She's A Punk Rocker U.K.
57 minute film Documentary by and about Punk Rock Women

1977 Punk Rock an Oral History by the women who were part of Punk.

Punk women changed the public face of female. It was very empowering for universal women. The story of punk could almost be a women's liberation story. Caroline Coon.

Documentary Director and Punk Rocker Zillah Minx, reveals the true punk rock history from the women who were there . This documentary tells the story directly from the punk women who created the Punk scene in UK. These are the punk women on the streets of the UK. Before the Sex Pistols appeared on TV and revealed an underground punk world, to the public. These are the women punks who shocked the world. This is their story of being punk told in an oral history format. The film features a multitude of famous women punk rockers. (List attached)

To commemorate this turning point in contemporary British culture, U.V.P. Productions have produced a documentary highlighting the role of these women in the movement and their attitude and influence on life, both then and now.

Director: Zillah Minx – Born in Birkenhead I have lived in east London since I was 4. I became a punk in 1976 when I was 15, before the Sex Pistols appeared on television. In 1979 I became the lead singer for punk band Rubella Ballet. www.myspace/rubellaballet.com

I have had no funding for this film project I made the film because there was a need

“Yesterday I watched your film & was just bowled over (I'll watch it many times again).   It is a really important, vivid record, just what I was talking about, capturing Herstory that is so often lost. It is beyond magnificent that you have done/are doing all this with NO money. But sometimes making things without money ensures that they are priceless!   Caroline Coon. 2008

Producer: Mark Saunders, Exodus from Babylon, The truth Lies in Rostock & The Battle of Trafalgar. http://www.spectacle.co.uk/

Nettie Baker

Published journalist and writer Ginette Baker, daughter of Ginger Baker, drummer from Cream & Blind Faith etc., has just ghosted his autobiography 'Hellraiser' and now presents her new book
‘It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time, memoirs of a Rock Star's Daughter 1974 - 1987'

Praise for her book:
"It was an absolute hoot and I enjoyed myself enormously alongside your good company!  Hope your week goes well - and let me know when YOUR book gets published!" (Cathie Mahoney: Editor, BBC Radio 4)

"Thanks for sending me ''Sounded like a good idea at the time.'' Enjoying reading it, made a start anyway as I have been swinging from Hellraiser to yours to finishing Virginia Woof !!!!
Yours is grabbing me more than your dad,s , so far.... don,t tell the old grump !!!!" (Charlotte Martin: Former Model & girlfriend of Eric Clapton. Mother of Jimmy Page's photographer daughter Scarlet.)

“The book's great, brings it all back ... you have such a great memory, pink gold-tipped Sobranies, cheesecloth shirts and how on earth did you remember "Gee they got a band"?!! Its all so true! And the Baker Gurvitz Army - just thinking about the band and I can smell cinnamon candles that I bought in Habitat in Finchley Road, can't quite work out the connection but it involves listening to their LP in a friend's flat in Frognal and lighting said candles, smoking ........ and I'm only on chapter2!” (Maya Kosinska)

“A quick note to say how much I've been enjoying the book text you sent across. All very enlightening, nostalgic and hugely entertaining - a succession of memorable incidents involving an extraordinary cast of fellow participants.       You must have kept some very vivid diaries to be able to serve up such total recall.     

 To think that while some of us were minding our own business on the Harrow Observer and under the impression that we were faithfully chronicling the local goings-on, all this stuff was happening.     Talk about a parallel universe! All the best (Russell Newmark: Freelance journalist)”

“Those extracts are GREAT, how brilliant! I've forwarded them to Trevor too.” ....”serializing your book ....I'll give it a mention. I am sure we could give some copies away – the extracts you sent were ace!” (Liz Barnes Planet Rock Radio UK)

“Being just one of a herd of “drummers in make-up” puts me into perspective.  We are the saxophone players to your Monroe no doubt, but that ended happily I recall.  What a rich and occasionally sordid tale of youth and lost innocence, with far too many casualties along the way.  Ultimately I get the feeling that, throughout the whole tale, your feet were never closer than 2 feet from the ground at any given time.  And I'm not even sure I know what I mean by that.Thanks for sharing and it was an honour to have played a part.  Now about that cast list for the film…..?? You never, ever managed to make me cry before.  I don't want to be Spock any more. Bloody genius”.(Tris)

“Thanks for sending me your book, which at times has had me roar out loud.  I haven't finished yet…” (Anita Wood)

“I have been enjoying your book, I will keep the excerpts in strictest confidence of course.
That you remember so much of your childhood in perfect detail is a sign of a creative spirit; your memories are the notes, your pen your instrument, and your writing the music. I even looked up the meaning of ' piffle '  “ (Ned Evett: Musician, LA, USA)

“It's a lovely evocation of the period - I remember when I was a boy a programme called 'Take Three Girls' which I thought very edgy. ” (Trevor Dolby: Random House Publishing)

“Ginette Baker.....I was very impressed with her work on both her father Ginger's autobiography, and the extracts from her own.” (Trevor White: Planet Rock Radio UK)

Don Letts  
PUNK: attitude
Mojo Feature on X-ray Spex's Poly Styrene - 26th November 2009



She's a Punk Rocker UK by Rubella Ballet's Zillah Minx


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